Emo Broken Heart

Emo Pictures Broken Hearted 6

Broken Heart People Of Emo World

Emo Pictures Broken Hearted

Emo Girls/Boys Heart Histories

“Every minute even every second of  every day i Miss you i can’t stop thinking about you. My heart is just beating for you. You are mine. I have so many memories with you that nights which we spend with each other that days when we were with each other and a little time with you when you said to me that you love me and just wants to be mine” This was a little story of any broken heart person who was so Happy but times changes his/her story his/her happiness converts into the sadness becouse his/her lover is not with him/her. and just feeling alone.

Emo Pictures Broken Hearted 1

Emo Full Sad Broken Hearten

Broken heart people are always  remain quite. They spend their life times so alone. They were not like this but someone broke their hearts therefore, they become so change.  In our life there are so  many difficulties are come which we face bravely. but When someone broke our heart it is much difficult to bear that pain. Externally we looks fine but internally our soul is become so sad.

Emo Pictures Broken Hearted 3

Emo People with their two pieces of broken heart

Every Girl or every Boy is not same in this world. Everyone is change in attitude and in behavior. It’s doesn’t mean that if you are good then he/she may good whom you like. He/she may be not good and can’t understand your love for him/her. And finally you get hurt with him/her and still broken hreat.

Emo Pictures Broken Hearted 6

More Pictures Of Emo Broken Heart

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