Bridal Makeup Mistakes

Bridal Makeup Mistakes (4)

Bridal Makeup Mistakes (3)

On wedding day we wear expensive outfit, jewellery and high heel shoes these are all so important part of bridal wedding celebration but Makeup is also an major part. If you wear these all things but your makeup is not good then you looks so tired  and non Glossy. Here are some mistakes which are done by the beautician on Bridal faces. First of all don’t use dark makeup on bridal face, and don’t think about the latest trend of the day. The makeup or other fashion trends are changes every day. And This time Light makeup trend is coming and it will remain for a long time. Light makeup looks so classic, natural and it’s trend never ends. Use best base powder or TV stick when you are getting ready because it is main part of any makeup. Makeup Starts with the base if your base is not good then it is died sure your makeup will never looks glamor.

Bridal Eye shade Mistake

Woman having eye shadow applied

Bridal Blusher Mistake

Bridal Makeup Mistakes (1)

Eye Liner Mistake For Bridal

Bridal Makeup Mistakes (2)

Bridal Mascara Mistake

Bridal Makeup Mistakes (4)

Bridal Eye Makeup Mistake

Bridal Makeup Mistakes (5)

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