broadened Views On Co-education

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Mixed-Sex Education in Present Life-style on Modern era

co education

System of Co Education

co education is a system of education in which students of both the sexes receive their education in the same classrooms, school, colleges or university. Present life-style has become highly complex. Education must always reflect the changing attitude of the age. The idea of co-education in our country has become a controversial issue. The supporters of this education system of education heap up big arguments in its favor. They advocate its practice at large scale. While another group of people considers it a deadly weapon against the golden Islamic and social traditions.

Co-education on Developed Countries

A heated argument given in favor of this system is that our country is a developing country. The economy of our country is weak. It cannot bear the expenses of separate educational institutions particularly at high level. Therefore, we should adopt co-education at least at higher level of studies.

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